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This site illustrates 1001 different ways of using Peel-Offs. Our Peel-Offs and designs are of the very highest quality, not only because we continually update our production process but also because we work with the leading designers in this field. Their talents and skills are the best possible guarantee for contemporary and innovative designs and ideas, and you can draw inspiration from their beautifully designed projects, accompanied by explanatory photographs and step-by-step plans, as presented on this site. Your own creativity, in combination with our products and techniques, will lead to brilliant end results. In short, if you're looking for inspiration and wish to remain updated, simply add to your list of favourites!
In future, this site will be expanded with various other elements including: links to various interesting websites, contests and a gallery with space for your own designs.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to mail us, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Wallet klein.jpgNew! The Peel-Off's Wallet, the ideal storage purse for your decorative stickers! No pieces flinging about but everything nicely sorted in the many partitions (24!) of the purse. Over 75 stickers will find a place and on the accompanying letter strips you can describe the contents. The storage purse is of synthetic material and closes with a press button. In short: not to be missed by the keen hobbyist!  


> Peel-Off Products

This page gives you an overview of various Peel-Off products for making your own creations, including peel-off’s, special markers, sticky shapes and transfer sheet.


> Peel-Off Techniques

Here you can find various techniques and applications, ranging from cutting and colouring to the use of sticky shapes or 3-D applications.


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Here you can find Peel-Off creations arranged according to topic. Easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions with photographs and brief descriptions allow you to get started quickly and easily.